thermal camera features

The thermal cameras are great for detecting the figures that are not possible with the naked human eye. They warn you before time about any heat-related hazards that you may have encountered in the future.

It is an overwhelming process considering there are so many options that are available in the market today. But don’t worry we’ve prepared the guide in this article to assist you in knowing all the essentials about the thermal cameras.

Features to Consider for Thermal Cameras

thermal camera features


The resolution of the thermal detector indicates how the image quality of the IR camera will turn out. Be careful, if the company shows the display of 640×840 while the thermal resolution is at 206×156, this won’t be able to produce a high quality image.

The higher the resolution, the more precise will be the attention to detail towards the small objects and you can see the fine details.

Temperature Range

For home use, the temperature range of 14-300 degrees Fahrenheit is reasonable. This will help you detect any water leaks there might be, any heat issues, or unsealed windows.

For the use at a professional scale, the temperature range must be -40 to +600 degrees Fahrenheit, this range helps to detect any cold or hot area on the running machinery.

Thermal Camera Price

The usage of the camera is the most important factor in deciding the amount of money you want to spend on it. If you are someone looking for thermal cameras just for home use that can detect the heat and water leaks, then spending a couple of hundred dollars should be enough.

You may need to spend more money if you are going to use it on the large scale industries like in detecting the temperature of the running machines.

Built-in Features

Many of the IR cameras today have a built-in digital camera that can catch visible light and thermal images, without any need of carrying some additional equipment.

The thermal cameras with the built-in digital camera provide you a more detailed report and help to locate the precise location of the issue. Also, make sure it has a lamp that will work as a flashlight is the darker areas.

Supports Common File Formats

Many cameras require special software to store images. Some of the cameras will provide the jpeg storage but without the temperature analysis.

So look for the camera that supports jpeg or other common file formats along with the full temperature analysis. This is vital in sending the IR images through mail to others without compromising the vital information.

Also, look for a camera that will provide MPEG 4 through USB to monitors. These are great for a dynamic thermal activity where heat and the cool temperature will occur rapidly.

Image Overlay

The picture-in-picture feature provides a clearer picture, especially in complex areas. Furthermore, this is also important when presenting the images to the clients and colleagues.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth and wireless connectivity allow you to share images without needing to connect to any WiFi coverage.

This is helpful in the case when more than 1 person wants to see the image at one time and also when you don’t have time to upload the image promptly.

Uses of Thermal Cameras

thermal camera uses

Consumer Uses of Thermal Cameras

The thermal cameras can be one of the most versatile gadgets to have in your house, its uses are not at all constraint to only large scale utilization.

The thermal camera will help you in energy audits for your house, and also helps you in navigating the areas where there is heat leakage.

Along with detecting the heat, they will also assist you in finding the areas of the wall where the insulation is missing and help to find the cold/wet areas of the wall on a botched stove or oven.

The thermal cameras can also identify any fire or electrical hazards by detecting the outlet that is overheated and circuits overload in the breaker box.

Besides these uses, you can also use it for small things around the house. You can check the temperature of anything, like the baby’s bottle, the temperature of your soda, or the difference of temperature in multiple rooms.

If you own a thermal camera with distance capability you can also use it for security purposes or locate if the animal is missing from the yard.

With more advanced technology, now there is a thermal camera android and for iPhone as well. They include a laser thermometer to detect the temperature of the screen which is the most important feature of such devices. To know more about these thermal cameras and reviews please visit

Industrial Uses of Thermal Cameras

To improve efficiency and security, thermal cameras are valuable equipment for the industries. In the industrial plants, the thermal cameras are commonly used because of the amount of electric work, and machinery that requires that you monitor them constantly.

The thermal cameras are like the second set of eyes for many professionals working in the industries. They help in detecting bad bearings, motors that are about to fail, maintainance of the pipes, and other circuit issues. The finding of these issues before time helps to prevent any hazards or serious accidents.

The thermal cameras are used by first responders in the low light areas to find the victims and policeman uses them to detect any kind of danger that may be hiding or is the potential threat behind the wall or a door.

The contractors and building inspectors are the ones that have the most use of thermal cameras. They help them in detecting and analyzing the HVAC issues, water leakage, and roof damage. This is extremely helpful in avoiding the inspection failures that may have occurred in the future if it wasn’t checked.

Thermal Cameras for Home Use

The best thermal camera price and products for your home use are:

  • FLIR One Gen 3
  • Seek Thermal CompactPro
  • FLIR C-Series

They are one of the cheapest thermal camera that you can find in the market.

Thermal Cameras for Industrial Use

The best thermal cameras that are used in industries are:

  • FLIR E8 Thermal Camera
  • FLIR E6 Thermal Camera
  • FLIR E4 Thermal Camera


The thermal cameras are a versatile tool and have different uses for different scales. They help you prevent hazards in your house and also detect the leakages that your house might have. On the industrial scale, they help to keep in check the machine failure and ensure security.

Finding the best cheapest thermal camera is not that difficult as long as you know what you are going to use it for. And to give you some assistance in this decision we have mentioned some of the best-reviewed products that might be a great choice for you.