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The Nikon D5300 is one the best camera under the DSLR 5000 series produced by Nikon. This product is very affordable and it’s readily available in the markets. The cheap price of this product makes it easy for low-income earners to buy. The product is made with so many amazing features, well- crafted body type, correctly placed shutter buttons and so many more.
It is an improved version of Nikon D5200. If you don’t check the two versions of the Nikon product properly (i.e Nikon D5300 and D5200) you might mistake it for each other. This is due to the fact that they have similar structure and size, nearly equal weight and some other similar features.
Most modern cameras have heavyweight due to the components that are installed in them, but that’s not the case with Nikon D5300 cameras because it has a very lightweight.


Using the best camera offer you the advantage of producing quality image and videos. So, if you really want the best, you should get the best and quality product, one of such cameras is Nikon D5300.

Nikon D5300 functionality can’t be compared with any other camera because it produces a crisp and quality image and video. It is currently the best camera for beginners because of its ease of you and you do not need high technical knowledge in order to operate it.

Apart from the quality images that can be gotten from this product, it operates at a very high speed alongside the ultralight. This product has lightweight with a compact body, it can be easily carried about. It is made of a strong material which makes it withstand all form of stress placed upon it, thereby making it last for a very long time before its actual deformation.

Nikon D5300 has Wi-Fi for connectivity, GPS, and a very large LCD screen. It has high resolution of 3.2 inches with 5fps burst shooting mode. One of the best thing about this camera is its processor it possesses which has EXPEED 4 processor engine, high dynamic range mode, 2016 pixel RGB metering sensor, 24MP sensor, 1x optical zoom and great autofocus system with 39 points.

Nikon D5300 is usually accompanied by accessories like an eyepiece, strap, audio video cable, rubber eyecup, quick charger, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, body cap, viewNX 2 and accessory shoe cap.


The greatness of Nikon D5300 is due to the major features that it contained. The major features which it possesses are highlighted below.

High level of connectivity: Among all the modern DSLR cameras, Nikon D5300 has the best connectivity ever due to its upgraded Wi-Fi and GPS which can be connected wirelessly with your smartphones, computer, tablets, and other relevant devices. To move photos from your Nikon D5300, you need to browse through them on the memory card present in the camera and then import them into your device. You can’t instantly send them as emails text them or post them on your social media pages. The built-in GPS present in your Nikon D5300 camera can geotag all your photos when traveling. A big advantage of this high-level connectivity is that you can share stunning images without any delay.

Compact design with comfortable shape: Although the Nikon D5300 has a very small size with lightweight, it has a very rugged structure and compact design. The compatibility of Nikon D5300 makes it easy for user to easily carry it about. All the buttons present in this camera was designed for ergonomics and they are adequately fixed for efficient operation and comfortability

Perfect focus: The focus of Nikon D5300 is targeted exactly where you want it. It also has wide Field of View (FOV) and this FOV allows the camera to capture large area while in use. This camera also has 39 points high-density autofocus and 9 cross-type sensor which makes the image produced to be bright and clear. The picture of an object placed on focus by this camera can be seen below.

 Snap quality object in motion: With the aid of the Nikon D5300, you can capture the object in motion at the right moment with the aid of the shutter button. This is possible because of the continuous shooting speed of 5 frames per second which it possesses. The picture of a racing car snapped in motion can be seen below.



If you want to get Nikon D5300, there are some specifications that you must look out for. These specifications are clearly written on the pack of the product. The specifications of Nikon D5300 are reviewed below.

ISO: Nikon 5300 has Auto ISO 100 – 12800. The function of the auto ISO in this camera makes it possible for you to either decrease or increase its speed limit. It also enables the speed to correspond to the lens focal length of the camera. Nikon D5300 is the best camera amongst its pairs because it has most flexible Auto ISO settings. Apart from the Auto ISO that this camera possesses, it also has manual ISO 100 – 25600 thereby making it fit for almost all conditions.

Video capture resolution: Nikon D5300 has good video resolution of 1080p HD

Products’ Dimension: Nikon D5300 has a dimension of 2.99 x 4.92 x 3.86. The dimension of this camera makes it portable in size which makes it be handled easily during operation.

Products’ weight: Nikon D5300 has a weight 1.06 pounds which is very light. You can easily carry it out to wherever you’re going to without any stress.

Photosensor size: This camera has APS-C sensor size.

Viewfinder: Nikon D5300 has Pentamirror optical viewfinder with the 1x optical zoom which is very active during usage. The magnification of its viewfinder is 0.82x which is reasonably good. This quality through- the- lens optical viewfinder makes this device to stand out among its rivals.

Sensor size: The Nikon D5300 has a large CMOS sensor size of 23.5 x 15.6. Due to the high sensitivity of the sensor it is very important to get rid of all the dirt that find their way in, as such, this product came with a sensor cleaner to adequately perform the task.

Wireless technology: Nikon D5300 has one of the best and fastest built-in wireless. It has Wi-Fi and GPS which can be connected to other devices and be used to transfer files. Its Wi-Fi operates at the frequency range of 2412 – 2462MHz while its GPS operate at the frequency of 1575MHz.

Battery: It contains 1 Lithium-ion batteries which can be used to take approximately 1000 shot before it runs down. Its battery can be recharged when it runs down, therefore you can use a single for a very long time before it depreciates. Below is the image of Nikon D5300 camera showing the battery compartment.

LCD: It has an excellent 3.2 inches LCD and its color can be calibrated manually to match the required color.

Shutter: Nikon D5300 has very smooth and easy to use the shutter. Unlike some other camera, the shutter of this product does not produce sound when in use, especially in sensitive areas. You can also set its shutter to a delay of 2, 5, 10 and 20 seconds respectively. It has very fast shutter speed. To use the shutter adequately, you can set both the shutter speed and the aperture when using it to record movies and performing other recording tasks. However the Nikon D5300 has the slowest shutter speed limit of 1/30th second. You can as well set its AE- lock to your desired or to your most convenient limit. Professionals most especially have good experience using the shutter of this device because unlike some other cameras, Nikon D5300 shutter does not hook during usage due to the quality and expansive spring used to stand it.

Microphone: The Nikon D5300 has built- in microphone. Have you ever imagined recording with camera without using external microphone? To avoid the stress of buying and fixing extra microphone, the Nikon Company had to make Nikon with built- in D5300. The microphone possessed by this camera can record stereo sound due to the presence of three different sensitivity it offers. The three different sensitivity also makes it to produce good and quality sound.

Storage: Nikon D5300 has only one SD memory slot which is compatible with SDHC, SDXC- and UHS-I. Not all brands of the memory card are approved by this product. The approved brand of memory cards is SanDisk, Lexar, Toshiba and Panasonic cards. Therefore, any other brands will not work. Below is Nikon D5300 indicating the memory card slot. The maximum size that Nikon D5300 camera can take for a single video clip is 2 gigabytes, provided that the space occupied by movies is 100 megabytes per minutes. This implies that you can have about 20 minutes of video recording at a stretch using this camera (i.e 100 megabytes per minutes for 20 minutes translates to 2 gigabytes). The same memory space can also be used to store other images and other relevant files.

Lens capability: Nikon D5300 has the AF-S lenses like some other Nikon product. In addition, it also uses the latest and modern DX lenses

Flash: This product has quality i- TTL metering flash. It also has built-in TTL flash which has an optional manual control system in its menu.

The image showing the various part of the Nikon D5300 is seen below.


It is noteworthy that you should know the importance of some of the special features possessed by this camera. Their importance is highlighted below.

Sensor size: The size of the sensor is very important to the camera. The size of the sensor is the main factor that determines the rate at which light can be used to create an image. The images sensor contains millions of light-sensitive spots which take records of the information that is displayed through the lens. This implies that the bigger the size of the sensor the larger the size of the information that it is capable of getting and the greater the quality of Image produced and vice- versa. Nikon D5300 has a very large image size, as such it produces a very quality image and it has the capacity to collect large information for proper display through the lens.

Shutter Speed: Before knowing the importance of the shutter speed, it is very necessary you know how the shutter of a camera operates. When the shutter button of the camera is pressed, the shutter opens, thereby exposing the camera’s sensor to the light the permits through the aperture. After the sensor might have collected the light the shutter closes immediately which prevent the sensor from lights’ contact.

Shutter speed is the length of time taken for the camera to be exposed to light after the shutter has been opened. It is otherwise known as the exposure time. It is required for the shutter speed of the camera to be very fast to get the quality of image or video required.

The Nikon D5300 has a very fast shutter speed of 1/30th which makes it produce a crisp image.

Weight: The weight is one of the main factors to consider when getting a camera because a camera with very heavy weight can be very discouraging. So, it is very advisable to get a camera with moderate weight or lightweight. It’s very easy to carry a lightweight camera on.

Nikon D5300 is a lightweight camera which makes it highly mobile.

Resolution: It is very necessary to know the importance of resolution in camera. The resolution plays a vital role in the manner by which images and videos are being displayed on the screen. Each panel of the camera has a fixed pixel resolution which is generally pre-installed by the manufacturers. The screen resolution of a good camera should be large and be capable of producing a quality image and video display. Nikon D5300 has a very good resolution accompanied by 3.2 inches LCD.


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