Check Jio Balance

Below is the list of working and tested methods on how to check Jio balance in 2021. You can choose any method as per your convenience for Jio bal check and validity.

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How to Check Jio Balance and Validity 2021

Method 1: How to Check Jio Balance Through Miss Call or Without App

  • Step 1: Dial 1299 on your phone dial pad and make call, the call will disconnect itself automatically.dialing 1299 for checking jio balance
  • Step 2: You will receive a text msg automatically. In that you will get to know your jio number, what current Jio plan you have, how much 4g data and SMS bal is left for today and when your plan is going to expire(i.e plan validity).

    current active jio balance noIf you don’t have any current plan you will receive a SMS like this shown in below active jio plan balance

Method 2: Jio Balance Check Via Jio App

Step 1: Install “My Jio” App through play store and register or login with your Jio number, if you have already installed the app you can skip this step.

my jio app in play store

Step 2: Open “My Jio” app and login with your Jio number and OTP received via msg, you will be able to see the remaining balance on home page itself and you can check in further details by clicking on check usage button.

You can also check the balance of other Jio number by adding those number in the same app with the help of “link new account” button. Then you can switch between different account numbers with “switch account” button and can check the balance of any added number into the app.

jio balance check with APP

Method 3: How to Check balance via Customer Care Call

Dial 198 or 121, then press 1 for language selection, after that again press 1 on dial pad to listen to check your Jio balance and Validity.

Method 4: How to Check Jio balance via USSD codes

ParticularsUSSD code
Know balance/talktime*333#
Know my Jio NumberDial *1# or download MyJio App
Check 4G data usageMBAL to 55333
Check prepaid balance & validitysms BAL to 199
Know bill amountsms BILL to 199
Check current tariff plansms MYPLAN to 199
Activate 4G dataCall 1925 or sms START to 1925
Check net balanceuse MyJio app
Caller Tune Activation Code*333*3*1*1#
Deactivate Jio Caller Tune*333*3*1*2#
Check Call Ratesms TARIFF to 191
Know jio number of JioFi devicesms JIO to 199


One way is to dial *333# and your balance and talktime will be displayed on phone screen. and other way is to text MBAL to 55333.

Method 4: How to Check Jio Bal via SMS

  1. Send MYPLAN to 199
    jio bal check through sms
  2. Or send BAL to 199, for postpaid sms BILL to 199
    how to check jio prepaid balance through sms
  3. Send MBAL to 55333
  4. If you haven’t activated DND then you can also check Jio balance by disconnecting internet on your mobile device and jio will send a SMS by itself showing you how much data you used and how much left.
  5. If nothing works and you want to check Jio net balance, go to your mobile settings(gear icon)  there you will see “Data Usage” in that you will see how much data you have spent today and how much is consumed by which app.
  6. Jio also provides 100sms/day as complimentary sms pack. Dial *367*2# ussd code to check remaining sms.

Method 5: Check Balance Through True Balance App

  1. Install True Balance app from PlayStore.
  2. Registered with your phone number.
  3. Just click on refresh button or swipe down below on screen to refresh on home page and you will see your jio balance, validity, jio sms balance and data usage  without dialing any code.

Method 6: How to Check Jio Balance online

  1. Visit login page on Jio.
  2. Enter OTP received on your Jio number.
  3. Next you will be presented with Jio Balance enquiry on the home-page.
    jio net balance check via website

How to Transfer Balance From Jio to Jio

  1. Install My Jio app from PlayStore.
  2. Open My Jio App and signin with your Jio sim number, for this you need to know your Jio number.
  3. Go to my voucher shown at the bottom menu of screen.
    jio nalance transfer screenshot 1
  4. Then click on transfer, if it shows no voucher present then you need to buy a new voucher to transfer to  or to transfer recharge to other number.
    Jio data balance transfer screenshot 2
  5. Enter your payment details and confirm the payment.
    Jio balance transfer screenshot 3
  6. Then again go to transfer tab and follow the instructions and enter the Jio number of person whom you want to transfer the balance and data.

How to Check Offers in Jio SIM

  1. Method 1: Call 19916 from your Jio number, but it requires to have some initial balance or minutes because this call is not free.
  2. Method 2: Check Plans through My Jio App
  3. Method 3: Call 198 through your Jio Number, then select hindi languge by pressing 1, then for continuation again press 1, then listen to IVR and then press 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 as per your plan requirement.

How to Check Jio Recharge History

  1. Step 1: Login into your Jio app with your Jio number or switch to another account if you want to check for other family members or friends.
  2. Step 2: Click on the menu Icon in the left top corner, ther you will see recharge history link from the drop down menu.
    how to check jio recharge history
  3. Step 3: Click on the recharge history, new screen will show you last 5 recharges with date, time and amount of recharge.
    jio recharge history

How to Check Balance and Validity in Jio Phone?

Call 1299, you will receive a SMS with balance and validity on your jiophone.

How to Check JioFi Balance?

  1. Connect and install your JioFi device.
  2. Vist Jio website if you are on PC or install My Jio app on your Smartphone.
  3. Then signup or signin using your jiofi number, if you already have an account on jio from another number then you can also login from that number and add your jiofi number by clicking on “Link new account”
  4. Then you will receive the OTP in whichever device you have inserted your jiofi sim either on your PC if jiofi device connected to PC or in smartphone.
  5. Then after entering the OTP you will be able to check jio fiber balance on jio website or My jio app home page.
  6. There is also another way to check jiofi balance without app, for that you will need to fasten to jiofi device over wifi.
  7. For this please remove the battery of your JioFi device and click a photo of sticker under it, which consists of login details and login URL http://JioFi.local.html
  8. After login, Now like any other router you will be provided with a dashboard with LAN, WAN, Download, Upload section, from there you can calculate how much data used or left.

JIO Data Booster Balance Check

You can check jio booster data balance with same method as method 2, by login into My Jio app with your Jio number and OTP received on that no. Your data balance will be shown on homepage screen.

How to know My Jio number

  1. Make a call on 1299 from your Jio number, the call will be disconnected automatically and you will receive a msg with your phone number and net balance left on your jio no.
  2. Another way is to Install MyJio App
  3. Open MyJio App & click on ‘Sign in with SIM’
  4. your Jio Number will be shown at the top of the screen

How to know your JioFi number

  • Method 1: Login to My Jio app with username and password, which you can find on a sticker at bottom after removing the battery of JioFi device.
    After successful login, your Jio no. Will be shown at the top of the screen.
  • Method 2: By sending SMS to 199 or 7021799999
    Send msg Jio (IMEI) to 199 or 7021799999
    For Eg: Jio 123456789123456 to 199 and if you are sending msg from non-jio sim send it to 70212799999

What is Jio Customer Care No.

For any queries regarding recharge plans, data balance, validity, offers, recharge confirmation call toll-free no 1991 from your Jio no.

For any complaints you can call on Customer Care Number toll free no 198. If you are calling from other numbers you can reach JioCare on 1800 889 9999.

You can also reach Jio care on their email id for any queries or complaints. For faster resolving of your query do mention your jio or other mobile number in your email.

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