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Well, about 60% of the human body is filled with water. So, you should drink purified water to keep yourself fit and healthy. As this water saves our life, it can take our life too. Water, which has micro bacteria in it and is not purified, can risk our lives. So, we need to purify this water using any method of water purification.

One of the most famous techniques for water purification is UV purification. But you may now question what UV purified water is? Is UV purified water safe to drink? Let’s discuss the topic.

Is UV purified water safe to drink?

As we know, there are a lot of techniques to purify water. Two of them maybe you have seen in your house from childhood which is boiling. In this system, we boil the water for 20 minutes, but that doesn’t kill all the germs. Nowadays, the UV water purifier is a trend in the market, but as this trend is new, it’s obvious to question whether UV purified water is safe to drink?

Process of UV purifier

water purifier UV chamber

Before that, let’s know what UV purified water is. It will clear the previous question. In the UV purified system, we use UV as a weapon to kill the water’s micro bacteria, making the water harmful.

We suppress the water through a chamber with UV, and those UV rays attack in the DNA core of the micro-bacteria and germs. By this attack, the UV rays defuse bacteria’s reproductive system and make them unable to contaminate the water. This is how they work in the purifying system.

But is it safe? As the bacteria and germs remain there. As we have discussed some key facts in this purifying process before, let’s disclose them.

Will dead bacteria harm?

As bacteria and micro germs will be defused by UV help, will they still harm us? The answer is no. Now you may say, “but they are bacteria, ewe.” Well, in our daily life, we all are surrounded by many kinds of micro-bacteria, but they don’t harm.

Some of them can’t harm us due to the immune system, and some are not capable of harming. So bacteria with zero capabilities in water cannot harm us either. The water is safe to drink. So, let’s not worry about this.

Other elements of waters

UV light defuses the bacteria and germs, but what about the other elements? Are there even other elements? Well, the contamination of water is just not because of bacteria or germs.

Some harmful chemicals, organic compounds are also the reason for contaminating the water. Volatile organic compounds such as chlorine and heavy metals contaminate the water and harm our health. Can UV clean them too?

The answer is partial no. Only UV cannot clean these organic compounds, but we use UV light with a reverse osmosis system to solve them. With the combination of UV and reverse osmosis systems, the organic elements get eliminated and purify the water.

UV on arsenic water

As UV works on some organic chemical compound with the revised osmosis system’s help, can it work on arsenic too?

Arsenic water is one of the major threats of water. This element with water is next to poison if you drink it. But the fact is our UV can also reduce the level of arsenic in water too. The scientist has proved that by putting arsenic water into a bottle of high UV rays.

In this process, the UV takes two steps to clean the water and make it arsenic-free. The UV oxidizes the arsenic compound strongly in the first step, and then Fe(III) hydroxide reacts and forms with iron and moves to the bottom with absorbed As(V). This is how the arsenic water is cleaned with the help of a UV water purification system.

Choose according to your house.

If you are satisfied with the UV purifier system and want to bring one and make your whole house UV water purifier, then do not delay bringing and using one. But before that, know something about your house and UV system. The UV system has some measurement according to your bathroom number. If you have wanted the best result, then you must follow them. Because the UV system doesn’t match your flow rate, it will not give the best result.

If you have 1 bathroom, then you can get 5 GPM systems. Like this, 8.5 GPM for 2 bathrooms, 12 GPM for 3 bathrooms, 15.5 GPM for 4 bathrooms, 19 GPM for 5 bathrooms, and 22.5 GPM for 6 bathrooms.

If you look carefully at the number, you will see that starting from 5 GPM for one bathroom, the increasing rate of GPM is 3.5 for each bathroom. So, calculate your numbers of bathrooms and flowchart with a simple formula.

This is the number of bathroom n, so the formula is flow in GPM = 5+ ((n-1) x 3.5). Use this formula to get the right flow of GPM.

Other good sides of UV

Till now, we were only discussing the water purification ability of UV. Besides, some other advantages you’ll enjoy using this UV purifier as this system is chemical-free, so there is no risk of other chemical reactions.

This system doesn’t change the taste or the odor of water. This system doesn’t require very high maintenance. Even the energy consumption of this system is very low, which 60 watt light bulb is.

Final Words

Water is part and parcel in our daily lives and has great significance in our health, so there is no compromise with water purification. We all want the best water purifier to have a healthy life. So that’s obvious that you may ask, “Is UV purified water safe to drink?”

From the discussion, we can be relaxed by saying yes, it is safe to drink. If we choose the perfect flow rate and keep the UV purifier’s good maintenance, it will make the water pure for us to drink.