how to check idea balance

We encounter many situations in which we need to check our own balance quickly, so how to do it? most people don’t want to install each operators app but also don’t remember the USSD codes to check balance, So lets find out different methods below of how to check Idea balance, validity and Offers.

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How to Check Idea Balance and Validity 2021

Method 1: How to Check Idea Balance Via USSD codes

Idea Features and ServicesIdea USSD Codes
Idea Balance and Validity Check Code*121# | *131*3# (For minutes left) | *111#
Idea Net Balance Check Code*125#
Idea Self Care Main Menu Check Code*122# and then enter 4
Idea Talktime Offer/Full Talktime Offer/Data Offer*121# | *131*3# | *121*4*8#
Idea SIM Own Mobile Number Check Code*111# | *131*1# | *121*4*1*7#
Idea Emergency Talktime Credit Loan Code*150*10# | *150*20#
Idea Balance Transfer USSD Code*191# and proceed on 2
Idea Code to Check your Smartphone Support 3G/4G*121*4*1*5#
Idea Code to Check Last Request & Complaint Status*121*4*1*6#
My Offer Check*111# and then Enter 1
Idea Mobile Number Last Recharge Detail Check*121*4*1*8# | *121*411#
Idea Customer Care NumberCall on 12345 | 198
DND Activation/Deactivation1909
Idea Night SMS and Local Packs*369#
Idea Customer Care Number12345 OR 198 OR 121
Idea 4G Activation Code1925
Idea Value Added Service*123#
Idea Missed Call Alert Activation*333*5#
Know Idea Recharge Code*130*Recharge code#
Idea Balance Transfer Code*567*< Receiver No > Space <Amount>#
Idea Dialer Tone*129#


  1. Dial *121# OR *111#
    how to check idea balance
    idea balance check
  2. Dial *131*3# to check minutes balance
    how to check idea minutes balance
  3. Dial *125# For checking Net Balance
    check idea internet balance

Method 2: Idea Balance Check Via Idea App

Install Idea App form google play store and login with your Idea number, your balance and validity will be shown on the home-page.

Idea balance check by idea app

Method 3: How to Check idea balance via Customer Care Number

Dial 198(toll free) or 121(Chargeable) and press 1 to know your main account balance.

To check internet data used Dial 198 and then press 2 and then press 3 to know data used in last 3 days.

Method 5: Check idea Balance Through True Balance App

Go to google play-store and download true balance app.

Register and sign-in with your mobile number and add your other sims that you have in mobile to the account.

Now you will be able to see all sim balances at one place, to check the balance you just need to swipe the screen below and it will refresh the home-page and will tell you the current balance.

Method 6: How to Check Idea Balance Online

Visit the Idea login page and enter your Idea mobile number then click “request OTP” below it.

You will receive an OTP on your Idea number enter the OTP on login page, you will be taken to your account home-page, where you can check everything from your call and data usage to your current active packs, your last recharges, usage history etc.

how to check idea balance online through idea website

How to Transfer Balance From idea to idea?

Dial *191# and then enter 2, then follow the screen instructions.

how to transfer balance from idea to idea

How to Check Offers in idea SIM?

Method 1: Dial *121#

how to check my offers in idea


Method 2: Dial *111# and then enter 1

IDEA My offers check


Method 3: For Best Internet offers Dial *122#

how to check my offers in idea

Method 4: Dial 198 or 121 then press 4 to check offers.

Method 5: Dial 198 or 121 then press 2 for internet and data information then again press 2, you will receive to offers on your idea number by sms.

How to Check Idea Recharge History or Transactions?

Method 1: Install Idea App and sign in check to recharge/transaction history.

Method 2: Visit the Idea login page and enter the idea number and request OTP on you idea number, After you login through OTP you will see the dashboard like this below screenshot, ther you will see “My Transaction” tab

How to Take Loan and Advance in Idea?

  • Dial *150*05# to take Idea Credit loan of Rs.5 talktime
  • Dial *150*10# to take Rs.10 talktime loan
  • Dial *150*20# to take Rs.20 talktime loan

How to talk to Idea customer executive/representative?

Dial 198 or 121 then press 2 for internet and data information, then press 4 for 4G, then again press 4 to talk to customer representative.