how to know your mobile number

One will face many situation where they need to know their own mobile number, like you bought a new sim and don’t remember your number or you have no balance to make a miss call to check your number or you need to recharge or make any login to any app with your Number. In this tutorial we will tell you how to know your mobile number from different operators as every operator has different ways or USSD codes to check your mobile number.

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How to Know My Mobile Number 2021


USSD Detail Short Code
Check know your (Reliance Jio mobile phone number) ussd codeCall on 1299
Check know your (Airtel mobile phone number) ussd code *282# OR *121*1# OR *121*9#
Check know your (Idea mobile phone number) ussd code*131*1#
Check know your (Vodafone mobile phone number) ussd code *111# OR *111*2#
Check know your (BSNL mobile phone number) ussd code*222# OR *888# OR *1# OR *785# OR *555#
Check know your (MTNL mobile phone number) ussd code*8888#
Check know your (MTS mobile phone number) ussd code*121# OR Call on 1288
Check know your (Videocon mobile phone number) ussd code *1#

How to Know My Jio Number

Call 1299 OR 198 OR 121

Jio Details
Jio Check Codes
Jio Mobile Number Check (Balance)Miss call on 1299 OR *333#
Reliance Jio Number Check CodeSend an SMS as “Jio ” to 199
Complaints, Queries, and Requests (From Own Jio Mobile Number)198/199 (Toll-Free)
Customer Care No. (From Other Number)18008899999
Jio Number Check


  1. Method 1: To know your Jio mobile number make a Call on 1299 from your Jio Number, the call will disconnect by itself and then you will receive an SMS with your mobile number in it and balance and validity details in it.current active jio balance no
  2. Method 2: Download My Jio App, then sign in with your jio sim OTP will be automatically received on My Jio App if you have your Jio sim in the same App. You will see your mobile number on the home-page below my account.find my jio number
  3. Method 3: Call 198 or 121 and select your language by pressing 1, then again press 1, now it will tell you your jio mobile no. and balance, validity details.

How to know My Airtel Number

*282# OR *121*1# OR *121*9#

Airtel DetailsAirtel Number Check Codes
Airtel Customer Care No.121 OR 198 (Toll Free)
Airtel Number Check Code*282# OR *121*1# OR *121*9#


  1. Dial *282# through the airtel sim of which you want to find your mobile number to check your airtel number.
    check my airtel number
  2. Similarly Dial *121*1# or *121*9#
    How to find your airtel numberHow to know your airtel number
  3. Download Airtel App from Google Play Store and Sign in or register in it with your airtel sim, you will see your number, balance and valadity on homepage of Appknow your Airtel mobile number tHrouGH App-min

How to Know My Idea Number


Idea DetailsIdea Number Check Codes
Idea Number Check Code*131*1# OR *456#
Customer Care number for Queries and Requests12345 (chargeable)
Customer Care No. for Complaints, Queries and Requests198 (Toll Free)


  1.  Dial *131*1# to know your idea number through your idea to check my idea number2. Install Idea App, login with idea sim and you will see your idea mobile number, balance, validity on homepage of app.
    how to find my idea number

How to Check My Vodafone Number

*111# and then press 1 OR *111*2#

  1. Dial *111# and select language by pressing 1 Or *111*2# to know your vodafone mobile number.
  2. Method 2: Install Vodafone app and sign in, your mobile phone number will be on homepage of app.
Vodafone Number Check DetailsVodafone Number Check Code
Vodafone Number Check*111*2#
Complaints, Queries, and Requests (From Own Vodafone Mobile Number)199 OR 198 (Toll-Free)
Complaints, Queries, and Requests (From Other Number)9719097190 (Chargeable)

How to Check My BSNL Number

*222# OR *888# OR *1# OR *785# OR *555#

Dial any of the above USSD code to Know your BSNL mobile number.

BSNL Number Check DetailsBSNL Number Check Codes
BSNL Number Check Code*222#
BSNL Customer Care & Complaints (From Own BSNL Mobile Number)1503 OR 198 (Toll Free)
BSNL Customer Care & Complaints (From Any Other Number)1800-180-1503 (Chargeable)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) About Your Mobile Number

How to check if my Sim, mobile number is active or not?

  1. Method 1: If you have any balance or incoming on your number, you can call on any other number and the IVR will automatically tell you if your sim is activated or not or has expired. Also look for SMS, you may have already received some msg regarding your sim status on the number you bought or on the alternate number you gave at time of buying sim.
  2. Method 2: Call 198 from your sim and select language by pressing 1 or 2 on dial pad, after that press 1 to listen to status of your number.
  3. Method 3: Dial these USSD codes to check balance for different SIMs, if it is showing balance your sim has been activated.

How to Setup VoiceMail For Your SIM?

Call 198, select language by pressing 1, then press 4 to talk to customer care executive and request them to activate voicemail service for your number or Call respective customer care number (mentioned above for each operator).

How to Get Same Mobile Number SIM if Lost or Damaged?

You can easily buy a duplicate sim of same number from near distributor or shop, things required will be your identity (like aadhar or voter ID) and your presence there, coz distributor will click a photo of you. The previous sim will automatically stop working.

Do Sims Have a Expiry Date?

Sim-card itself never expires, only the credit, internet balance or call minutes you recharged expires on the date of till you have purchased that service.

How to Check Mobile Number for Postpaid Sim?

The USSD code for checking the mobile number is same as of all prepaid sims.