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top 10 dslr camera under 40000

How to Use a DSLR Camera – Tips for Beginners

If you are a beginner and have just brought a new DSLR camera, you are bound to be intimidated by the huge number of...
thermal camera features

What are Thermal Cameras and Where to Use Thermal Cameras?

The thermal cameras are great for detecting the figures that are not possible with the naked human eye. They warn you before time about...
Best DSLR camera under 60000 in india thumbnail

Best DSLR Cameras Under 60,000 Rupees in India 2020

Canon 77D is the best DSLR camera under 60000 in India . The image quality is top-notch and it also performs best in live...
best dslr camera under 40000

Best DSLR Cameras Under 40000 Rs in India 2020

Top Pick - Nikon D5600 is the best Dslr camera under 40000 in India and is our Top Pick because of its image...
how to string an electric guitar

How to string an electric guitar?

Guitarists who play an electric guitar usually need to change their strings more often than the guitarists who play acoustic. That’s why electric guitars...

Jaana Ve Guitar Chords with Capo & Strumming Pattern – Aksar 2

Strumming Pattern basic: D d D UDUD DDU d= half down.  ► Also CheckGulabi Aankhen guitar chords - Atif Aslam. Tere Mere guitar chords from Chef. ...

Tere Mere Guitar Chords with Capo and Strumming Pattern | Chef

Strumming Pattern 1: D UDUD DD DU Strumming Pattern 2: |DDU|DDU| | |C | C = (Chuck-up technique.)Muted down-stroke with palm muting.  Tere Mere Guitar Chords Progression Intro Note:...
barfani guitar chords thumbnail

Barfani Guitar Chords and Strumming Pattern with Capo

Strumming Pattern: DD UDUD D  Barfani Guitar Chords Progression Chorus Note: Chords Mentioned are with respect to capo on 4th fret.Single-Strum the below chords. (A)Ye barfani raa(D)tein (C#m)Pighal jaane (C)do,...

Nazm Nazm Guitar Chords With Strumming Pattern – Bareilly Ki Barfi

Strumming Pattern: |DU D| | C| C = (Chuck-up technique.)Muted down-stroke with palm muting.► Also CheckTere Mere guitar chords from Chef. Hawayein Guitar Chords...

Happy Birthday Guitar Chords

Strumming Pattern: DDUDU (G)Happy Birthday to (D)You

Love Story Chords Without Capo – Taylor Swift

Hold (Dsus2) chord and strike string in order 4-3-1-2-1-2-3-2 twice,

Somebody’s Chords – Enrique Iglesias

Strumming Pattern 1: D D UDUD DUDUStrumming Pattern 2 For Pre-chorus: D DDUStrumming Pattern 3 For Bridge: D D UDD DUDU  Somebody's Chords Progression IntroNote: 1. Frets mentioned in tab...

Summer of 69 Chords – Bryan Adams

Strumming Pattern 1: | 1 | & | ...

Boulevard of Broken Dreams Chords – With Capo

I (Em)walk a lonely road (G) The only one (D)that I have(A) ever known. (Em)


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