nikon D3300 vs canon 1300D

Nikon D3300 proves to be a strong entry-level camera option in Nikon D3300 vs Canon 1300D comparison. The rising popularity of photo sharing platforms encourages people to take photography seriously. Popular brands are seeing a good market for entry-level users. Specifically, Nikon and Canon have released camera’s targeted towards people getting into photography for the first time.

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Your first camera sets the tone for the rest of your photography career. It is essential to consider different factors whether you’re a hobbyist or aiming to be a professional soon. Technical specifications, lenses, and prices are just a few of the things you need to look into. Let’s look into two of the more popular entry-level DSLRs in the market today.

Nikon D3300 VS Canon 1300D

Here’s a closer look at the technical capabilities of the two cameras:

Nikon D3300Canon EOS 1300D (T6)
Megapixels24.2 MP17.9 MP
Resolution5680 x 42565284 x 3456
Area23.5 x 15.6 mm22.3 x 14.9 mm
Crop Factor1.5x1.6x
Pixel Size15.2 microns18.5 microns
Light Sensitivityup to 12,800 ISO (25600 with boost)up to 6400 ISO (expandable to 12,800)
Sensor CleaningYesUnknown
Focus System
TypePhase detectionPhase detection
Focus Points119
Battery Life700 shots500 shots
Continuous Shooting5 fps3 fps
Resolution1080p @ 60fps1080p @30fps
FormatMPEG-4, H.264MPEG-4, H.264
Supports 24pYesYes
External Mic Jack3.5mmNo
AutofocusContrast detectionContrast detection
Continuous FocusYesNo
TypeLCD (Fixed)LCD (Fixed)
Size3 in.3 in.
Resolution921k dots920k dots
Live ViewYesYes
Form Factor
Size124 x 98 x 75.5 mm129 x 101 x 78 mm
Thickness75.5 mm78 mm
Weight430 g485 g
Features & Others
Lens MountNikon F-MountCanon EF/EF-S
Available Lenses278290
NFC ConnectionNoYes
Built-in FlashYesYes
Flash Range (ISO 100)12 m9.2 m
Storage Slots11
PredecessorNikon D3200Canon 1200D
Price (body + kit lens)
Amazon28799 INR24990 INR
Flipkart29990 INR25490 INR

Common Strengths of Nikon D3300 & Canon 1300D

Both the Canon 1300D vs Nikon D3300 have functions perfect for beginner photographers. Below are the main features:

  • High LCD Screen Resolution
  • Optical Viewfinder
  • Face Detection
  • Big Photo Resolution
  • RAW Support
  • Built-in Flash and Capability for External Flash

The higher LCD screen resolution makes it perfect for easy settings navigation. Additionally, it’s ideal for live view photo composition. The Face Detection is necessary for hobbyists. It allows faster shots during events and gatherings. The higher photo resolution makes it perfect for printing photos. Details are crisp and sharp.

If you are a budding photographer, the RAW support allows capturing of more photo details. This is great during post-processing as you will have more options and adjustments. Lastly, taking photos in low-light is no problem because of the built-in flash. For better results, you also have the option to use an external flash.

Common Weaknesses of Nikon D3300 & Canon 1300D

As with any entry-level cameras, there are trade-offs for the price points. Here are a few considerations:

  • Pentamirror Optical Viewfinder
  • No Environmental Sealing
  • No Built-in Image Stabilization
  • No Articulating Screen

The lacking features may need to be considered depending on the type of photography you’re planning to do. The Pentamirror optical viewfinder is not as bright as Pentaprism viewfinders found in more advanced cameras. It is a bit more challenging to use if your hands are shaky as it does not have built-in image stabilization.

It is also worth noting that the cameras may not be suitable for certain conditions. The lack of sealing means you may have to purchase additional accessories. Consider rain sleeves and other protection if you’re shooting in wet areas. The cameras may also malfunction in places of extreme temperatures.

Lastly, your shooting angles is a bit limited, especially in live view. The LCD screens of both cameras have no articulation, so you’re stuck with limited angles. It is harder to shoot in higher or lower places unless you take the extra effort.

Canon 1300D & Nikon D3300 Good For Which Photography?

You have to think about what kind of photography you’d like to do before even purchasing any of the cameras.

General Photography Nikon D3300 vs Canon 1300D

Nikon D3300Canon 1300D
ProsLarge APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm)Large APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm)
76mm thickness78mm thickness
Large BodyLarge Body


General use is the most common reason for purchasing entry-level cameras. Both cameras are suitable for typical usages such as events, vacations, and other light activities.

The larger APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm) CMOS sensor of Nikon D3300 outperforms the APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm) sensor of Canon 1300D. The extra 6 MP gives a significant advantage during shoots. Nikon D3300 captures more details and sharper images. The company also removed the anti-alias filter in the camera allowing sharper images. However, there’s a bigger chance of moire during certain shots.

Nikon D3300 also outperforms the Canon 1300D if you want to print and crop your photos. The larger sensor also gives you more depth of field control. The nice blurry background is more noticeable than Canon 1300D.

The hefty size of the two cameras makes it a bit more challenging to use. It is especially cumbersome if you will be moving a lot. You might find it hard to use the camera for an extended amount of time as well. However, for general use, it shouldn’t be an issue with a proper bag and strap.

Portrait Photography

Nikon D3300Canon 1300D
ProsLarge APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm)Large APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm)
24 MP18 MP
Built-in ViewfinderBuilt-in Viewfinder
Good ergonomicsGood ergonomics
ConsNo Image StabilizationNo Image Stabilization


The Canon 1300D and Nikon D3300 perform almost similarly during portrait shoots. Again, the larger APS-C sensor of Nikon D3300 is better in some situations. But, not that significant in most cases for portraiture. Nikon D3300 only has a slight advantage when you want to capture detailed background.

The hefty form factor of the two cameras is not a concern during portrait shoots as well. It is barely noticeable since you will not be moving around much. The lack of image stabilization in both cameras may be a concern. However, it can easily be solved by using a good tripod.

Street Photography

Nikon D3300Canon 1300D
ProsLarge APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm)Large APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm)
Live viewLive view
Built-in ViewfinderBuilt-in Viewfinder
Face DetectionFace Detection
ConsNo Image StabilizationNo Image Stabilization
Large BodyLarge Body


The cameras are virtually similar in performance in street photography as well. The optical viewfinder and live view offer both flexibilities in capturing moments. The face-detection focusing makes it faster to take shots of your subjects.

The large body will be an issue as it is harder to shoot candid moments. The lack of image stabilization in both Canon 1300D vs Nikon D3300 is also a problem when you have shaky hands. Lastly, the limited angles due to the absence of articulating screen mean it hard to compose certain shots.

Sports and Active Photography

Nikon D3300Canon 1300D
ProsMax Shutter Speed @ 1/4000sMax Shutter Speed @ 1/4000s
Built-in ViewfinderBuilt-in Viewfinder
Good ergonomicsGood ergonomics
11 Focus Points
Battery Life @ 700 shots
Low Light ISO
Continuous Shooting @ 5.0fps
ConsNo Image StabilizationNo Image Stabilization
No Environmental SealingsNo Environmental Sealings
Battery Life @ 500 shots
Continuous Shooting @ 3.0fps
9 Focus Points


The fast-paced action of sports photography requires faster camera performance. In this situation, Nikon D3300 outperforms the Canon 1300D. Both cameras have a fast maximum shutter speed at 1/4000s. However, the D3300 offers 11 focus points which makes quick composition easier. It also performs better when there’s not much light because of its good low light ISO.

While both have less than ideal continuous shooting, Nikon’s 5.0 fps is a lot better than the 3.0 fps of Canon. You also get more battery life with D3300 at 700 shots compared to 1300D’s 500 shots.

The good ergonomics make it easy to handle both cameras. But, the lack of environmental sealing is not suitable for rainy or snowy weather. The absence of image stabilization may require you to be relatively stationary as too much movement results in blurry images.

Landscape Photography

Nikon D3300Canon 1300D
ProsLarge APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm)Large APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm)
Live viewLive view
24 MP18 MP
ConsNo Environmental SealingsNo Environmental Sealings


The Nikon D3300 vs Canon 1300D both are decent for landscape photography. The large APS-C sensors once again capture sufficient details. The shots are even good for printing due to large resolution. You can take advantage of the live-view feature from both cameras for better composition.

However, it is important to note that your camera is vulnerable to the elements. Both lack environment sealings. It means you may have to purchase good camera sleeves or make a DIY version to protect from water and dust. Both cameras produce good results when paired with decent wide-angle lenses.


So, with all factors considered, which one is more suitable for your first camera? Take a look at our verdict below.

Why Choose Canon 1300D over Nikon D3300?

The strongest factor in considering Canon 1300D is the price point. Most distributors offer the camera at 3000 to 4000 INR less than Nikon D3300. It is perfect if your budget is very tight. The decent performance is different scenarios is sufficient for casual users as well. It also has slightly better connectivity with its built-in wireless connection and NFC connection.

However, you may have to think about a more advanced DSLR soon. You will have to eventually replace the Canon 1300D if you are taking photography seriously.

Why Choose Nikon D3300 over Canon 1300D?

Nikon D3300 proves to be the stronger between the two cameras. The technical aspects alone are enough to make-up for being a significantly older model.

The higher sensor resolution, maximum ISO, more focus points, faster continuous shooting, longer battery life, and the microphone port make the Nikon D3300 best in value. It may be slightly pricier, but the features make up for the extra cost.

You can use the D3300 longer than Canon 1300D if you’re a hobbyist. The functions are enough to practice serious photography for a longer time. Of course, you will have to eventually consider a more advanced model if you’re interested in a photography career. For an entry-level camera, the Nikon D3300 is the better choice.