best camera phone under 20000

In this modern era, it’s not difficult to find the best phone within your budget. You can find many various choices with new and traditional features. Mobile manufacturers are trying to make cellular phones better and cheaper. Every passing day technology is growing faster; new features and functions are being part of mobiles while companies are also trimming down the costs. You are not in the world of phones where you will get a costly traditional phone without any special features; this is a smartphone’s world where everything is possible and available at any price. A person can buy a smartphone with special and basic necessary features in just 5000-Rs. However, it will be a standard phone with a camera and other features, but it may be short in size. Most of the people want a smartphone with a big screen, dual camera, multiple sims-card options, etc. These all features can be found in phone pricing to 20,000 Rs, but only if you know where you can find these deals. Many companies offer discounts on their mobile phones, and this is the best time to find the deal because you may get a phone at a meager price with all those features that you wanted to buy at double price. Fair enough to save a significant sum of amount for other accessories such as air-buds, hands-free, and mobile cover.

Furthermore, from last year’s fingerprint or thumb impression lock is a new trend. People were trying to get a phone or replace their old phones with the latest technology phones. It was just a charm and attraction of fingerprint. Now, this interest is almost about to end, and several people have already moved and are using face lock features. Software developers have also created some apps that work as a fingerprint lock feature, and those apps are called third-party apps. If you have a budget of 20,000 Rs and searching for a smartphone that will meet your need, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will read about the phones under 20,000 Rs and about their features.



This phone is part of the “Redmi-Note 9 Series” this series of phones include more models “Redmi-Note9 Pro” and the latest “Redmi-Note9 Pro-Max”. Every new model has up-gradation with new features. This smartphone shares core hardware with “Redmi-Note9 Pro” and identical to that. It comes with a tremendous display of 6.66-inch at a whole.

However, you can not use it with just one hand as it is bulky and large. Well, the main reason for this smartphone’s bulky body is its battery; this mobile has a 5020-mAh battery. That little heavy, but it will give you a perfect battery timing, that’s is the most required thing today. This smartphone contains a processor of “Qualcomm-Snapdragon-720G-SoC,” which is a mighty processor and the right choice indeed. It has the ability to tackle multiple tasks at once.

Another thing is storage, and everyone wants to have a phone with extended storage space, “Redmi-Note9 Pro-Max” is available in three storage variations.

1- 6GB-Ram/64-GB storage.

2- 6GB-Ram/128-GB storage.

3- 8GB-Ram/128-GB storage.

The specifications of this smartphone are good enough to use it as a gaming phone, but if you keep playing games all day without even taking a break and continuously charge it, then it may get warm; there no such phone to bear this much load. Although this phone has a good battery response, it allows you to spend a day or half without charging it, but if excessive usage can put you in a low battery situation. The most important ability of this smartphone is that it will get charged within half an hour, as it supports 33-w.

Redmi-Note9-Pro-Max specsAdditionally, sometimes fast charging makes the phone a little hot, but the cooling system of this phone is designed to handle such load. The new feature on this phone is “Quad-Camera” that makes it way better than “Redmi-Note 9-Pro” only in terms of resolutions. The phone manages to get good shots in the day, but when light is low, the pixels may be shattered, but to avoid this case, manufacturers have introduced a night mode option with its camera that works at night and enhances the result. You just have to turn on the night-mode, and the camera will do the rest; noise reduction is a built-in feature, and that will help the camera to take brighter pictures. “Redmi-Note 9 Pro-Max” has a low light stabilization while making a video, and it does a far better job.

This phone will cost you in just 16,499/- Rs.



This is a mid-range flagship smartphone that comes with several features. It has a snapdragon 720G-chip, and the rear camera setup is quad. The screen display is 6.6-inches, and it gives perfect colors and brightness to the pictures. You will not find an in-display fingerprint feature, but realme used a captive in the home button, as an alternative they have introduced face lock in this model, and that works perfectly fine. The designers of this phone have put a lot of effort to make a cut-out design for the two front cams.

Realme6-Pro specsThe storage capacity of realme 6-pro is 128-GB with 8GB ram, an excellent choice for gaming as well. It has no heating issues like other phones, battery performance is incredible; it owns a battery of 4300-mAh which lasts in 24hrs and 30W quick charging feature.

The primary camera of 64-pixels takes a great picture and has no light issue so far, and you can enable the night mode too if needed. A wide-angle and macro camera is its key feature that helps to take ultra closeup pictures. It can be used to make 4K videos as well.

It is an excellent option if you have a 20,000 budget. The current price of this smartphone is 16,999/- Rs.

Samsung-Galaxy A50s:

 Samsung-Galaxy A50s

 Samsung has upgraded this phone with slight changes. Modified and high-resolution cameras the reaction factor. This Samsung smartphone has 6.5-inches bright HD-display. Size is a little bigger, but the phone is slim, so its handling will not be so delicate. Its incredible features make life more comfortable, and user experience reviews are so far excellent than other same range phones.

Samsung-Galaxy A50s specsThe processor used in this phone is “Exynos 9611” the primary camera is 64-pixels, and a wide-angle camera is 8MP with a 5MP depth sensor. On the other hand, the front camera pixels are 32MP. Both front and back cams work intensively well in day/night.

This model offers 4GB and 6GB ram with 128-GB data storage capacity. Generally adequate for routine tasks, battery performance is competitive, and the power of the battery is 4000mAh. You can buy this phone for 18,570/- Rs if you choose 4GB ram + 128-GB storage.


Finding a phone in a low budget with a lot of specifications isn’t that tough now. There are so many companies that offer cheaper and better smartphones to make people’s life easier. If you want a phone in your defined budget, then mainly check your requirements and compare them with different phone models and features within your price range. In this way, you will find the best camera smartphone under 20,000 Rs in India perfectly and effortlessly.