Top 10 Famous best photographers in India

Today we have curated list of top 10 famous Indian best photographers and their award winning captures and other clicks from them which we personally like. India is a culture, heritage and tradition rich country with astounding geography and beautiful lanscapes and our best photographers in India make the best out of it. The Indian photographers have achieved pinacle in wide aspects of photography, be it be Wildlife, Fashion, Street or Documentary and more. Many people who have a passion for photography quit their high paid jobs and pursue a career in photography. Photographers in India are crazy over photography regardless of less support from families, society, inequality, still best photographers comes out from India breaching all the odds and sturdy system. Many of them are self-taught others have degree from some of the top photography institutes in India such as Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala , JJ School of arts in Mumbai, Delhi College of Photography, New Delhi etc.

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India is fortunate to have several fine photographers over time, let’s take a look at this.

1Raghu Rai

Raghu rai photographer india

Raghu Rai was born in 1942, and is a well-known photographer and photojournalist from India. Rai was head of photography for India Today from 1982 until 1992. For Greenpeace, in 1984, he concluded a detailed research series on Bhopal’s chemical tragedy and its subsequent impact on the lives of gas victims. Such research culminated in a book and three exhibits visiting Europe, America, India and Southeast Asia after 2004, the disaster’s 20th anniversary. In 1971 Rai was awarded the Padmasree one of the highest civilian awards ever granted to a photographer by India.

Award Winning Photo By Raghu Rai

Raghu rai award winning photo

raghu rai photography

Visit Raghu Rai’s website

2Daboo Ratnani

Dabbo Ratnani indian photographer

Dabbo Ratnani is one of Indian cinema’s top portrait and celebrity photographers. Dabboo Ratnani is renowned for his annual calendar that has become a showbiz feature of great significance, for the main stream magazines like Filmfare, Hi Blitz, Cosmopolitan, Ok India, Verve, Femina, Elle, The Man and Better Homes and Gardens, his photographs are featured on magazine cover. Dabboo Ratnani was given the Dadasaheb Phalke award for his excellence in photography in 2019.

Award Winning Photo By Daboo Ratnani
 Award winning photo by dabbo ratnani

Daboo ratnani photography

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3Atul Kasbekar

Atul Kasbekar - photographer

Atul was also the Indian Photographer’s Guild’s Honorary Chairman. He made his professional career as a photographer by launching a studio called Negative Space. Since 2003 Atul has shot 10 editions of Calendar for Kingfisher in Mauritius, Andaman, Ladakh, South Africa, Thailand, France-French Riviera, Australia, India-Goa and Udaipur. Atul is the first Indian to receive the coveted 2005 International Food and Beverage Artistic Excellence Awards (FAB Awards) for his job on the Kingfisher Calendar, held in London.


Atul Kasbekar photography

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4Dayanita Singh

Dayanita Singh best photographer in India

 Dayanita Singh is well recognized for her depictions of India’s metropolitan elite and middle class. She was one of the significant Indian photographers of that time, Singh mainly did black and white photography and developed a reputation for that, although her recent works were captured in lush color photography, she said she wants to experience the optics of light and shadow in open and non-peopled spaces and explore something new. In 2008, she was awarded the “Prince Claus Award”.


Dayanita singh award winning photography

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5Sooni Taraporevala

Sooni Taraporevala photographer in india

Sooni Taraporevala is a leading female photo-artist in India. She wrote and published a collection of her PARSIS photos in 2000: India’s Zoroastrians; A Visual Trip. The novel, a critical and successful hit, was out of print within six months, the labor of love for more than 20 years. A new version was published in the year 2004. It was declared on the occasion of Republic Day, January 26, 2014 that she has received a Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian award.


sooni taraporevala photography

Visit Sooni Taraporevala’s website

6Rathika Ramasamy

Rathika Ramasamy indian wildlife photographer

Rathika Ramasamy is a photographer of Indian wildlife. She lives in Chennai and works as a freelance photographer. With her photos, she had earned accolades. Her wildlife photography was featured in the “Clean Ganga Drive” conducted in September 2005 at the India International Centre, New Delhi. Her bird photos were featured in the annual calendar of Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2007. The “Birds of India” selected her as one of India’s top 20 best photographers in 2008. Rathika is one of the founding members of the Indian Academy of Photography Arts.


Rathika Ramasamy photography

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7Arjun Mark

Arjun Mark Photographer in india

Arjun Mark (1980) is an Indian born fashion photographer who resides in Mumbai, India and works. His photos were published in many leading magazines including, among others, GQ, Vogue, L’uomo Vogue-Italy, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia and Marie Claire. Arjun is a Creative Arts student who was exposed to photography in college and hasn’t looked back ever since. Things around him weren’t impassive any more; they were thoughts. In the 2010 International Photography Awards (IPA) Arjun’s outstanding fine art and portraiture earned him a total of nine “Honorable Mentions”.


Arjun Mark mumbai Photography

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8Prabuddha Dasgupta

Prabuddha Dasgupta indian best photographer

The Edge of Confidence by Prabuddha Dasgupta is a strikingly ruminating journal of a living encounter. Dasgupta has worked with many leading publications over the years, including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ. He published many artbooks of his photos, including Women, Ladakh and the book “Edge of Faith” by William Dalrymple, which portraits of the Catholic community in Goa, was published. As a tribute to him, the main theme of the 2nd Delhi Photo Festival (2013) was chosen as Grace influenced by a speech he gave at the festival’s 1st edition in 2011.

prabuddha dasgupta street photography Visit Prabuddha Dasgupta’s website

9Gautam Rajadhyaksha

Gautam Rajadhyaksha top photographer india

He was one of India’s top fashion photographers, based in Mumbai, India. He was one of India’s best-known portrait celebrities, photographing almost all Indian film industry icons. Across all film personalities he was very famous and worked on portraits of virtually all the leading stars. His first experience with fashion photography took place in 1980 when he took photos of actress Shabana Azmi, Tina Munim and Jackie Shroff, and his love for portrait photography became ignited. He was highly inspired by Jitendra Arya’s work and used to worship his works as reported in weekly magazine Filmfare, and Times of India.


Gautam Rajadhyaksha - Mumbai travel photography Visit Gautam Rajadhyaksha’s Facebook page


10Sudhir Shivaram

Sudhir shivaram indian wildlife photographer

His images are noteworthy for their technologically advanced and evocative nature, creating ideal moods to shift audiences. He is advocating around the globe for environmental conservation by openly sharing his energy with photographs to increase awareness about biodiversity and animals. Global Geographic Traveller India’s cover of September 2013 featuring Sudhir’s portrait received the Yellow Border Award for the best cover in 14 language versions of the magazine worldwide at the 2014 Worldwide Editorial Awards organized at the Global Geographical Society in Washington D.C.


wildlife photography deersVisit Sudhir Shivaram’s website


India is a beautiful nation with lots of flora and fauna and our Indian photographers are making the most of it. The Indian photographers excelled in several photography categories: nature, beauty, advertisement, documentary and more. Most individuals with a passion for photography are leaving their well-paying work and seeking a photographic profession.