how to check airtel balance

We all need to install less apps in our phone to save some RAM, so we always don’t want to install each operators app just to check balance and plans. Below you will know different methods of how to check airtel balance and validity.

airtel balance check

Also Check:

PurposeUSSD Code
Airtel Customer Care121
Airtel Complaints198
Airtel Balance*123# or *121# then press 2
Check Free 2G Data Balance*123*10# or *123*#
Check 3G Data Balance*123*11#
Check 4G Balance*121*8#
Night Data Balance*123*197#
Check Local SMS Balance*123*2# or *555#
DND Activation/Deactivation1909
Airtel Loan Number*141*10# or 52141
My Airtel, My Offer*121#
Value Added Services of Airtel*121*4#
Checking the SMS balance and last 5 recharges*121*7#
Check Airtel to Airtel Mins Balance*123*1#
Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance*123*6#
Check Free Local, STD SMS Balance*123*7#
Check Free STD Minutes Balance*123*8#
Airtel Talk time Gift Service*141#
Airtel 3g activation USSD codeSMS 3G to 121
Special 5 Offers*222#
Airtel Live Services*321#
Free Facebook Access*325#
Twitter Service*515#
Special Offers and Rewards from Airtel*566#
Hello Tunes Menu*678#
Missed Call Alert*888#
Local National SMS Packs*777#
Know Your own Airtel number*282#
Airtel loan code*141*10#
Mobile number portabilitySMS <PORT> to 1909
Start any serviceSMS <START> to 121
Stop any serviceSMS <STOP> to 121
Check 2G/3G balanceSMS <Data USE> to 121
Check unbilled amountSMS <UNB> to 121
Outstanding amountSMS <OT> to 121
Current bill planSMS <BP> to 121
Bill summarySMS <BILL> to 121
Last 3 bill payment detailsSMS <PAY> to 121

How to Check Airtel Balance and Validity 2021

Method 1: How to Check Airtel Balance Via USSD codes

  1. Dial *123# for airtel balance check.
  2. Or Dial *121# then click answer then type 2 and send, your balance and validity will be shown on your phone screen.
  3. Or Dial *121*2# for balance and internet balance check.

Method 2: Airtel Balance Check Via Jio App

  1. Download Airtel app from google play store.
  2. Register or if already registered sign in with your airtel sim.
  3. You will see Airtel balance and validity on home-page of airtel app

Method 3: How to Check Airtel balance via Customer Care Call

Dial 198(toll free) or 121(chargeable), then press 1 for language selection, after that again press 1 for prepaid sim or press 2 for postpaid sim then wait and listen to IVR to check your Airtel balance and Validity.

Method 4: How to Check Airtel Bal via SMS

Type HELP and send it to 121 via your airtel number, you will see all the USSD codes

how to check ussd codes for airtel

Method 5: Check Airtel Balance Through True Balance App

  1. Install True Balance app from PlayStore.
  2. Sign-in with your airtel number or with any other number then add airtel number in it.
  3. Just click on refresh button or swipe down below on screen to refresh on home page and you will see your airtel balance, validity, airtel sms balance and data usage.

Method 6: How to Check Airtel Balance online

Visit Airtel Login Page and enter your airtel number and click on send OTP, then enter OTP received on your airtel number, after logging-in you will see all the airtel balance details and validity.

airtel balance check online

How to Transfer Balance From Airtel to Airtel

Dial *141# and Proceed to “Share Talktime”

  1. Step 1: Dial *141#, you will receive below options shown in screenshot on you phone screen.
    how to transfer from airtel to airtel
  2. Step 2: Type 1 to share talktime and send, now you will have to enter amount that you wish to transfer to other person.
    how to transfer airtel balance to airtel
  3. You can send minimum amount of Rs 5 to maximum amount of 101 Rs. And there will be service charge form Rs 2 to Rs 10 depending on tranfered amount.
  4. Step 4: Next enter the airtel number of person whom you are transfering balance. ans click send. You will get a message of successful transaction.

How to Check Offers in Airtel SIM

Dial *121*1# to know “My Offers”

how to check offers in airtel_LI



Or Dial *121# then type 4 for “my offers” and send

how to know airtel offers_LI

How to Check Airtel Recharge History or Transactions

Dial *121*7# then press type 2 for Last 5 recharge details

how to know recharge details in airtel 2

How to Take Loan and Advance in Airtel

Dial *141# and then type 2 and send.

Airtel Terms & Conditions.

  1. Your Left Balance should be less than Rs 5.
  2. You can select Rs 10 , Rs 30 ,Rs 50 Talktime from the options shown on screen after typing 2, If you want to take loan of Rs 10 you can also dial directly *141*10# or *150*20# for 20 Rs airtel loan.
  3. Your airtel Sim must be atleast 3 Months Old to avail this offer.
  4. If you have any pending loan clearance left, then you are not eligible to get New Airtel Loan.
  5. There will be Rs 3 service charge for Rs 10 Loan [ i.e. Rs 13 will be deducted from your main balance ].

Airtel Internet Data Loan Code & Loan Number :

If you are in dire need of Internet balance you can get 80MB 3G data instantly for Credit of your main balance using USSD Code 141*567#

OR Dial  52141(Toll free) to get 80 MB Data Loan on your number for 2 Days.

Terms & Conditions for Airtel Data Loan :

  • Your Mobile data must be is less than 10MB.
  • Airtel Prepaid Sim should be atleast 90 Days Old.
  • 80 MB 3G data is valid for only 2 Days, after that it will get expired.
  • After 2 Days you will be charged Rs 27 from your Account for 80MB data.