5 Common Travel Fears and Solutions

Are you excited to hit the road?

Most folks enjoy a good road trip.

But travel fears often rear their ugly head the moment you plan your trip.

How will you get there? Where can you find reasonable flight deals? How about lodging? Wait a second; do they speak English there?

People miss out on the joy of traveling by cowering to these fears. Even seasoned globetrotters spoil some experiences by worrying about their travels.

Address these 5 common travel fears and use the solutions to quell your anxieties.

Do They Speak English in this Place?

Do they speak english

One international traveling fear handcuffs many prospective travelers. People worry nobody speaks English in some far-off spot. How can you communicate if you do not speak the native tongue?

Dial down your fear. A majority of people speak at least a little bit of English in most tourist cities or locations around the globe, if not a serviceable amount. Google Translate, calculators and hand signals aid you in covering basic tasks, like asking for prices and paying money.

You will only genuinely be in situations where neither party speaks a word of the same language in far off, remote lands. Most travelers never tap into these experiences. If you go remote, learn a few basic phrases to communicate effectively with locals.

Will I Offend People?

Will I Offend People

Thai people live according to a face-saving culture in Thailand, as do expats and yes, even knowledgeable tourists. But you need to do some homework to avoid offending people in international lands.

Do not fear offending people. Just arm yourself with knowledge. Wear a shawl to cover your hair as a women in Oman to respect the conservative, Muslim culture, and cover your arms and legs as a man to do as locals do.

Read a few travel blogs to get the 411 on local customs. Make locals smile by doing just a little bit of cultural legwork.

Who Will Check My Mail and Care for My Pets While I’m Away?

Who will check my pet

House sitting has become a global phenomenon.

House sitters have landed jobs in exotic spots like Fiji, Bali, Thailand, Oman, Cyprus, Qatar and Costa Rica. Expats and locals require pet care and house care during their long haul trips abroad. Enter house sitting.

House sitting sites pair homeowners with house sitters who willingly travel anywhere to care for pets, tend to homes and to enjoy rent-free living. Most sitters boast multiple positive reviews from prior jobs to facilitate the vetting process.

Will I Get Sick?


True; some travelers fall ill on the road. In rare cases, some people suffer through exotic, painful illnesses. But these experiences happen infrequently.

Follow a few rules to improve your health on the road and to avoid sickness.

Stay hydrated. Drink bottled water to feel fresh, energized and ready to tackle your travel day.

Never drink tap water in developing nations. Avoid sickness-inducing parasites often found in such water.

Eat only at street stalls with a high turnover to ensure you enjoy fresh, parasite-free food.

Wash fresh produce before consuming and eat only fruit you peel. Hygiene varies from country to country.

Do not obsess over avoiding illness. Mental crosscurrents have a funny way of making you sick. As doctors often say, the attitude of the patient either accelerates or slows down healing. Maintain a cheery, energized attitude to be healthy while you travel.

I Will Not Find Anything to Eat


Virtually every city heavy with tourism offers a fairly broad range of cuisine. You can find something to suit your tastes after shopping around for a bit.

Flexibility plays a role in enjoying food abroad. Strict vegans cannot follow their diet religiously in a place with a meat-based, starchy diet, unless you prefer eating fresh fruit and vegetables every day. But being open and creative improves your travel experience and ensures you enjoy a nutritious diet without having your treasured home town eateries available to you.

Enjoy the Ride

Enjoy the ride

Fear is an illusion.

Harmony and peace are real.

Traveling unearths fears for you to feel and release to greater enhance your life.

Never allow fear to keep you on the sidelines of life.

Conquer these common travel fears and enjoy your travels.

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